Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Poetic Thought

The Light Within

I stood one day beside the sea
And watched her waves roll in.
I saw them swell and rise and curl,
And then collapse within.
Again! Again! They'd come and break,
And drift up on the shore;
And when quite spent, their place retake
Amid the constant roar.
And I could not but wonder then
What keeps the rolling in,
Until I noted on the break,
The light they held within.
You see it just as they have raised
The brine where it will go-
You see it for a moment fine,
And then the undertow.
And yet, that moment of their height-
When light is held within-
Must be the reason, when they fall
They rise to try again.
The light brigade of another realm,
They reach as they are told,
And question not the tidal helm,
For duty makes them bold.
And too, they know-- I'm sure they must--
That someone's made them more,
And so they rise and fall and hold,
Their lights just off the shore.

© Dillon McKinsey


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